The 100 News: May 2017

The Houston 100 & PRSA Conference

Last month, The 100 Companies welcomed our 13th member with the launch of The Houston 100 in partnership with Houston-based agencies On the Mark Communications and Studio Communications. On the Mark Communications President Amy Johnston, Studio Communications President Stuart Rosenberg and the rest of the team plan to cover exclusive sneak peeks of the coolest new restaurants & bars, VIP event invites, under-the-radar business and real estate news, and a behind-the-scenes look at Houston’s movers and shakers in the new eNewsletter, website and social media platforms.

Chris Schroder and Ted Langford just returned from a successful trip to Seattle for the annual Counselors Academy PRSA Conference, where The 100 Companies was the premier sponsor. Chris introduced the keynote speaker, reminding the 170 attendees that The 100 Companies was inspired by his 2015 CA PRSA presentation and that nine CA members are also members of The 100 Companies. Also, 100 member/attendees met for lunch before the conference start (see photo). Members hosted a panel discussion on Content Marketing. Ted and Chris report they developed five new very interested prospective members at the conference and had significant discussions with eight other PR firm owners.

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