Thompson & Co. Launches The Alaska 100

On Thursday, Sept. 7, The 100 Companies welcomed its newest member, Thompson & Co. Public Relations, with the official launch of The Alaska 100. The inaugural issue of the eNewsletter was sent out to over 17,000 Alaskans, featuring videos and stories on topics such as Alaska tourism, education and real estate, as well as a publisher’s column titled “The 907,” (named after the state’s area code) written by Jennifer Thompson, president/CEO of Thompson & Co. Public Relations, publisher of The Alaska 100.

“As in many other markets around the country, the media landscape in Alaska is changing rapidly. Alaskans want access to news that is digital, easy-to-consume and community-oriented, and The Alaska 100 brings that to their inboxes every other week,” said Jennifer.

“We are so excited to now have 14 members – to employ a little alliteration – from Denali to Dubai,” said Chris Schroder, president of The 100 Companies. “Together with a half dozen prospective members in the pipeline and with eight members renewing for a second year, we feel we are just beginning to see the outlines of the powerful PR network that shares not only content, but also revenue-producing strategies and client development techniques.”

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