The 100 News: May 2018

The Arizona 100 is 17th Member of The 100 Companies to Launch

Yesterday, Thursday, May 17, The 100 Companies welcomed Phoenix-based HMA Public Relations as our newest member with the launch of The Arizona 100. Approximately 56,000 Arizona business leaders and residents received the inaugural issue of the new bi-weekly eNewsletter in their email inboxes.

According to Abbie S. Fink, vice president/general manager of HMA Public Relations, The Arizona 100 will “provide an opportunity for business leaders and other community influencers to have a place to share their important business news.” Other topics covered by the publication will include restaurants, events, charities and local heroes.

In addition to the eNewsletter, The Arizona 100 launched a new website and social media platform.

PR Conference Sponsorships in Toronto

The 100 Companies was well-represented this month in Toronto, Canada, where we sponsored three PR conferences in one eight-day period. Chuck Norman of S&A Communications presented the success of The North Carolina 100 to PRGN, which was also organized by our newest PRGN member, HMA Public Relations. Then Chris Schroder, Ted Langford and Jan Schroder hosted a members reception and lunch before the kickoff of PRSA Counselors Academy. Chris was also the CA PRSA conference photographer producing instant slide shows to rave reviews. Finally, we attended the WorldCom conference, which also featured nearly 100 attendees from around the globe.

Chuck Norman presents The North Carolina 100 to PRGN in Toronto.

Brenda Jones Barwick of The Oklahoma 100 attends CA PRSA.

The 100 Companies booth at Worldcom.

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