The 100 Companies member conference recap

Dear members of The 100 Companies,

Thanks to those who attended our conference earlier this month in St. Pete Beach. Our meetings went into overtime at your urging as many more great ideas bubbled up the longer we met. For those who did not make our first members conference, you were missed and we hope you will join us February 28 in Atlanta for our second conference.

We compiled our presentations from our Saturday session into a Dropbox folder, which you can access here. Please keep in mind presentations were skewed toward those in attendance, as we had limited time for our meeting. The folders include the slide show above, photos and presentation materials in Word, PDF and PowerPoint. We’ve also include a Word document with notes taken by a few members during the session so you can catch up on all the great ideas shared.

Highlights of the Conference Dropbox:
Chris Schroder on the past and future of The 100
Leah Steinberg on the editorial team and new features
Savanna Sweeney and Caroline Parsley on innovative ideas from members
Ted Langford and Sally Schroder on lists, development and distribution
Jan Schroder on image use and The Travel 100
Notes from sessions taken by member attendees

And here are a few things we promised you:
• Spam word list
• Member contact list

At the conference, we discussed the possibility of a shared fee-based photo subscription. We’re still researching options and will keep you posted.

Lastly, several members inquired about adding their media kits to The 100 Companies website. If you’d like yours added, please send it to me or your editorial contact.

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