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Members publish special Social Justice, Black Lives Matter issues

Members of The 100 Companies 26-market network addressed the recent protests, videos of police killings and cultural shifts with many columns and stories in the past month. Two produced special issues with dedicated banners.

On June 12, members of the 360 Media team published a special issue entitled, “Black Lives Matter: Allies, A Special Issue.” As CEO Tara Murphy said atop her column, “For this special issue several of Atlanta’s black journalists and community members were invited to share their perspectives on being an ally in the BLM movement. As we all evolve our personal voices we must listen, talk, read and learn.”

As contributor Floyd Hall, co-founder of Canopy Atlanta, explained in his column: “We all have the capacity and the responsibility to be an ally – to advocate for others when we recognize disparities between how things are and how they should be.

“Great allyship can occur when people use their privilege to advocate in both big public moments when the world is watching, as well as in small, private moments behind closed doors.

“A great ally can change a life or can even save a life. All it takes is courage.”

Betsie Gambel and The Gambel PR team published a special issue of The New Orleans 100 titled: Special Justice & Equality Issue on June 18, featuring stories by and about community non-profits. Stories gave readers an opportunity to donate and volunteer.

Wrote Tod Smith, President & GM of WWL-TV in his column: “To continue the fight for justice and to honor those lives lost, here’s our request.  Ask someone who doesn’t look like you to share their story. It may be uncomfortable and possibly challenge your beliefs, but it could also be the start of real and lasting change.

Ask. Listen. Learn. Get involved and change the world.”

WordWrite promotes special online training courses

Paul Furiga, CEO of WordWrite and publisher of The Pittsburgh 100, and team offered a series of webinars and special blogs for firm clients and readers of The Pittsburgh 100 since mid March. Topics included COVID-19 Q&A, Crisis Communications, Investment Questions and Employee Training.

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