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Pittsburgh publishes special social justice issues, sets new record

On July 16, when WordWrite, publishers of The Pittsburgh 100, turned their special social justice issue over to local writers to “create an opportunity for understanding and, ultimately, change,” readers responded, with 10,000 opens – a 15% increase over Pittsburgh’s previous market record. WordWrite owner Paul Furiga and The Pittsburgh 100 team’s dozen guest stories offered advice, counsel and – in the case of Sonya Toler of Propel Schools personal kindergarten story of when a classmate told her, “Nobody likes you because you’re black” – heartbreak.

Alaska publishes special tourism issue on the city of Valdez

With most vacation travel limited to closer-to-home destinations, Thompson & Co., publishers of The Alaska 100, published a 12-story special issue on June 25 all focused on the city of Valdez. A comprehensive guide to hiking, biking, kayaking, driving, outdoor dining and lodging. Owner Jennifer Thompson and The Alaska 100 team worked with the city of Valdez to help Alaskans immerse themselves in local art, history – even fishing, with links to the six local fishing derbies.

Gambel Communications names new CEO

Founder Betsie Gambel has promoted colleague Amy Boyle Collins to the position of CEO of Gambel Communications, publishers of The New Orleans 100. In a July 7 announcement, Betsie said Amy, who’s served for six years as a VP at Gambel, will assume management, operations and client relations. Betsie will continue to guide The New Orleans 100, long-range planning and business development.

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