Florida Public Affairs Trio Launches The Miami 100 – our 28th market

Jonathan Kilman, Anna Farrar, and Elnatan Rudolph, directors of Miami public affairs firm Converge GPS, collectively became the 28th market member of The 100 Companies, launching the inaugural issue of The Miami 100 on Aug. 5. The new digital media channel – focusing on business, politics and technology in the nation’s 7th largest metro market – includes a biweekly eNewsletter featuring 100-word stories and 100-second videos, a website and social media channels.

The launch adds the team and the Miami market to The 100 Companies network, which since 2013 has launched media channels in 21 other geographic and six vertical industry markets with a total distribution of nearly 1.3 million readers from Denali to Dubai.

“Connecting people and businesses with interesting and concise content focused on Miami is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while,” said Kilman. “Partnering with a brand such as The 100 Companies helps us bring that idea to life.”

“With the launch of The Miami 100, we’re proud to expand The 100 Companies network further into Florida, our most successful state, with digital content marketing media channels in Tallahassee, Orlando, Jacksonville, Southwest Florida, Tampa Bay and now Miami,” said Chris Schroder, founder/CEO of The 100 Companies. “We’ve been talking with these partners since 2019 and were excited when they decided to launch in time to provide a new voice before this year’s dramatic state primary and general election season.”

In addition to The Miami 100’s monthly eNewsletter, there is a new website, as well as social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Member News

The Engineering 100 names new managing editor

Katherine Brennecke, vice president of The Mathews Group, brings 20 years of experience as a journalist and newsroom leader to her new role as managing editor of The Engineering 100.

“The success of The Engineering 100 begins and ends with the quality of our content. We want strong storytelling in a conversational voice, and Katherine delivers that for us,” says Melissa Mathews, president of The Mathews Group, E100’s publisher.

As the newsletter approaches its first anniversary, Katherine joins project manager Emily Pappas to continue bringing stories of “all the ways engineers amaze us” to an audience that is growing consistently month over month. Subscribe and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Oklahoma 100 names new editorial coordinators

Carolyn Taylor and Colton Basks of Jones PR were recently named editorial coordinators for The Oklahoma 100.

“The mission of The Oklahoma 100 has always been to be a source of news and information for Oklahoma’s business and community leaders,” says Brenda Jones Barwick, President and CEO. “Under the leadership of Carolyn and Colton, our team continually brings fresh ideas and content to each issue.”

Staff News

100 Editor takes a deep dive into Colorado coffee

When Margot Calmar started her first job at The 100 Companies in May 2020 as co-managing editor, she was finishing up her degree at Cambridge and had just moved back into her parents’ home to ride out the pandemic. Excited to work with colleagues she’s only met on Zoom, she was a bit nervous about one trip that had long been on her July travel calendar – a week’s trip to explore Colorado with her brother Harry.

Thinking the pandemic might delay it, they decided to go with backpacks and masks in hand. As they traveled from town to town, they found the only business reliably open were coffeehouses. Fortunately, they both loved coffee and sipped their way across the state. Margot plans to launch a series called Colorado Coffeehouses in the August issue of The Colorado 100. Subscribe and sip along

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