Member fees halved, publishing choices expanded

New, simple pricing and flexibility enhance publishing options with The 100 Companies

The 100 Companies simplified its publishing pricing this month – and member reviews are full of praise. Now members can publish bi-weekly or weekly newsletters for half their previous cost.

“Our team spent the Pandemic year focusing on automating our editorial, design, production and distribution tasks,” said CEO/Founder Chris Schroder. “We developed three proprietary software platforms, greatly enhancing our efficiencies. After testing them, we realized we could pass along those savings to our members.”

Since 2013, The 100 Companies team handcrafted each newsletter and website post. Launched in 29 geographic and industry markets, The 100 distributes 2.3 million newsletters each month to 1.28 million active readers. The 100 brand highlights the fact each story is exactly 100 words and videos are often 100 seconds. Longer stories publish on websites.

With the new options, members can publish up to 24 issues a year for $2,000 monthly or up to 50 issues for $3,000 monthly (daily issues are $10,000 monthly). And members can now choose any story count – from one to 15 stories, as well as select a three-column or two-column newsletter format to best display their content.

For new markets, there is a one-time startup fee, starting at $2,500. This provides for access to our proprietary editorial platform, to development of the custom newsletter and website logos, photos and content, as well as gathering and validation of 20,000 business, civic or governmental email addresses. For larger lists, The 100 Companies charges 10 cents per email gathered.

Since 2015, The 100 Companies has provided editing, design, production and distribution  support for its members, who then are able to concentrate on client relationships and content. Members or clients write 100-word stories that are enhanced by photos, videos or podcasts. And, if bandwidth is an issue, The 100 Companies can develop and manage all your content as well.

“We are excited about these new options,” said Brenda Barwick of Jones PR in Oklahoma City, now in its sixth year publishing The Oklahoma 100. “We are increasing our frequency to weekly or at least offering flexible publishing schedules. There have been times we had important stories to publish, but we had to wait for our bi-weekly schedule. Now we can be more current.”

Publishing a hybrid of content marketing and journalism, The 100 Companies positions members and their clients as thought leaders and industry experts through its time-tested digital communications platform that customizes marketing solutions in an ever-changing media universe. The 100 Companies offering includes newsletters, Google News-certified websites and social media channels.

“We’ve proven The 100 platform succeeds in any size market, reliably offering 15 to 30 percent open rates,” Schroder said. “I can’t tell you how exciting it was to call all our members this month and tell them we can now provide our award-winning service for half the cost. We’ve also shown increased frequency enhances engagement and readership. Now our members can publish at increased frequency or story count for an even lower investment.”

The new pricing takes effect July 1, 2021.

Congratulations also go to The 100 Companies’ Distribution Manager Sally Schroder, who selected and managed the international coding teams who built the new proprietary software platforms. She and Operations Manager Margaret Willard and Managing Editor Alex Simon smoothly introduced the new editorial, production and distribution platforms to our membership over the past few months.

Members can now publish in traditional 3-column format or 2-column format with two feature stories on top (see bottom left). Our system automatically displays one-column format on mobile devices.

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