New 100s started for NC HOA and PRSA Conference

The 100 Companies has expanded its reach beyond cities and states and now serves neighborhoods, HOAs and even conferences.

The Enclave 100 launched to serve a homeowners association in a Lake James, North Carolina community and features stories from the board of directors about the community’s zoning  issues, construction updates – even neighbor profiles. If your HOA would like a newsletter, check out The 100 Companies’ new HOA pricing page.

This month, when 80 members of PRSA’s Counselors Academy convened in-person for the first time in 2.5 years, they were treated to daily emails and custom website specifically promoting upcoming speakers and a slideshow from the previous day’s events. The newsletter received an impressive 84% open rate and hundreds of click-throughs. A recap newsletter was sent to the larger CA membership this week.

Have a conference you’re attending and want a newsletter? Join us.

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