RightSure publishes The Arizona 100

Today, RightSure Insurance President & Founder Jeff Arnold became the new publisher of The Arizona 100, a statewide digital newsletter, website and social media platform that is part of The 100 Companies national network, marking the first time a consumer corporation has partnered with the publications featuring 100-word stories, videos and podcasts in 29 markets.

“I read The Arizona 100 word-for-word and I figured thousands of other Arizonans were enjoying it as much as I was,” Arnold said. “So I wrote an email to Chris Schroder, president and founder of The 100 Companies, on Aug. 16, expressing my interest in including RightSure’s content in this excellent publication. We are a Tucson-based technology firm in the insurance space and though we have received a lot of awards nationally, we were not satisfied with the coverage we were getting in our home state. Over the course of two months as we discussed possibilities, I realized becoming publisher of The Arizona 100 and helping to expand its reach across the state was the perfect platform to achieve our content publishing goals.”

In addition to serving insurance customers in 42 states, RightSure is a leader in its commitment to supporting four charitable causes that are near and dear to the heart of Arnold, who in addition to being a CEO, is a best-selling author of four books and, as of today, the leadoff column in The Arizona 100. RightSure contributes a portion of every policy it writes to support a community food bank, to domestic violence shelters helping victims get out of abusive relationships, to Special Olympics and to organizations helping to end the scourge of international human trafficking.

“Everything we do and sell is tied up in contracts,” Arnold said. “There are no handshake deals in insurance. Insurance executives were some of the first industries to embrace technology, whether it was telephones, faxes or computers. Our industry is focused on how fast we can deliver excellent and ethical policies to our customers. Likewise, The 100 Companies is focused on delivering excellent and ethical information to millions of readers across the country in quick, readable and attractively and effectively designed newsletters, websites and social media channels. A partnership between our companies seemed like the perfect fit.”

“This marks a life-changing moment in the history of The 100 Companies,” Schroder said. “We began our startup journey in 2013, helping public relations firms enter the field of publishing instead of merely being a guest at the journalism table. As we’ve evolved to help agencies and their clients deliver local history, events and business information to readers through more than two million newsletters we distribute each month, it seems natural that we’d progress to working directly with superbly managed corporations such as RightSure to directly become publishers in their chosen markets as well.

“This opens up an entirely new world of business partners to our award-winning team,” Schroder said. “We can now partner with any CEO or CMO in the country who wants to be positioned as a thought leader and publisher in whatever market they address, ensuring their organizations bring needed positive journalism to their markets, while also providing a platform to show how their organizations are helping improve business, consumers – and our world in general.”

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