Florida firm achieves record open rates, launches fourth market with The 100 Companies

With today’s launch of The Panhandle 100, Extensive Enterprises Media has launched its third political newsletter in eight months with The 100 Companies platform. The Panhandle 100 is a weekly newsletter and website serving Florida’s northwest region that includes Pensacola and Panama City and a dozen counties featuring 100-word stories on topics of intrigue. It becomes the 42nd market to launch a newsletter with The 100 Companies since its inception in 2013.

If open rates and reader engagement are any indication, Peter Schorsch, President and CEO of Extensive Enterprises Media has hit upon a highly successful formula for The 100’s digital publishing platform in the Sunshine State.

In July 2021, EEM took over management of The Tampa Bay 100, originally launched in 2016, doubled its frequency to weekly, doubled the size of the reader list to more than 40,000 and tripled both the open rate and total number of opens. In February 2022, two issues of the newsletter each achieved more than 15,500 readers opening them for a 34% open rate.

In December 2021, EEM launched The South FL 100 with 75,000 readers in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach markets. Two of the issues in February and March 2022 that were sent to 95,000 readers each achieved 26,000+ opens for a 28% open rate.

Today’s launch included a companion website for The Panhandle 100. The newsletter was delivered to nearly 25,000 readers and though the campaign is still in progress, readers are opening the issue and thousands are clicking through to EEM’s most well-known publication, FloridaPolitics.com.

Driving readers to its website and increasing awareness of Florida Politics’ brand is exactly what Peter had in mind when he discovered his home markets of St. Pete and Tampa Bay were available in The 100 Companies network. After huddling with his team of writers across the state as well as his firm’s clients and sponsors, Peter is now managing four large markets in The 100 Companies’ most successful state, including the website-only The St. Pete 100.

“As I said before, I loved this 100-word newsletter format the first time it landed in my inbox,” Peter said. “Apparently Florida readers are enjoying it as much as we are. We were so happy to bring The 100 to Florida’s Panhandle, which we observed was an under-served media market. The 100 Companies team is so great to work with. Their design, list management and production capabilities are first rate and make it easy for our content creators to scale quickly.”

Based in St. Petersburg, EEM publishes several of Florida’s premier political news websites, podcasts, newsletters and periodicals including Florida Politics, Sunburn and INFLUENCE magazine.

The 100 Companies digital publishing network delivers more than 2 million newsletters featuring 100-word stories, photos, videos and podcasts while managing Google-News certified archival websites with expanded content. The 100 Companies has launched digital media platforms in 36 geographic and 6 industry vertical markets.

The content can be written by The 100 editorial team to assist busy thought leaders and CEOs promote their brands directly to their markets without taxing the bandwidth of their internal communications teams or outside agencies.

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