The 100 News: The Kentucky 100 is 21st market to launch

C2 Strategic Communications joins The 100 Companies growing network This month, The 100 Companies launched its 21st market – The Kentucky 100 – in partnership with Louisville-based C2 Strategic Communications. The inaugural issue was sent out on March 5 to over 30,000 business and community leaders throughout the state. Chad Carlton, president of C2 Strategic Communications, hopes the new platform “will offer stories that […]

Member development & Pittsburgh prize

Member continuing education: Upcoming conference & editorial training sessions PR firms – and other communications professionals – join The 100 Companies network to become a publisher of their own media channel and to be positioned as a thought leader in their geographic or vertical industry markets. In addition to raising the profile of their firms […]

The 100 Companies launches third weekly, The Ohio 100

The 100 Companies launches Ohio’s first statewide electronic publication Today, The 100 Companies launched its award-winning digital eNewsletter, website and social media platform in its 20th (and third weekly) market. The Ohio 100, published by Cleveland-based Stevens Strategic Communications, was sent to over 47,000 business leaders and residents living in the Buckeye State. To publish The […]

The 100 News: May 2018

The Arizona 100 is 17th Member of The 100 Companies to Launch Yesterday, Thursday, May 17, The 100 Companies welcomed Phoenix-based HMA Public Relations as our newest member with the launch of The Arizona 100. Approximately 56,000 Arizona business leaders and residents received the inaugural issue of the new bi-weekly eNewsletter in their email inboxes. […]

The 100 News: February 2018

New Website Design The 100 Companies is excited to announce the new website design for our members is finalized and officially underway. The new website is already live on,, and, with plans to launch the rest over the next few months. Our team – and our readers – are thrilled with […]

The 100 News: January 2018

Branigan Communications Launches The Wisconsin 100 The 100 Companies started off the New Year by welcoming our 16th member, Milwaukee-based Branigan Communications, with the launch of The Wisconsin 100. On January 4, approximately 22,000 Wisconsin business leaders and residents received the inaugural issue of the new biweekly eNewsletter, which will cover life and business in […]

The 100 News: December 2017

The Boston 100 Anniversary Party Last month, Goodwin Group PR celebrated a successful first year of The Boston 100 with a special anniversary party. The party’s 120 attendees included Jan and Chris Schroder of The 100 Companies, as well as some former New England Patriots, including Super Bowl champion offensive tackle Matt Light. Boston is […]

The 100 News: November 2017

The Pittsburgh 100 Launches Last week, The 100 Companies welcomed its 15th member, Pittsburgh-based WordWrite Communications, with the launch of The Pittsburgh 100. Roughly 15,000 Pittsburghers received the inaugural issue of the bi-weekly eNewsletter, which will feature stories on topics ranging from business news to restaurants, music, fitness and lifestyle, as well as a publisher’s […]

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