About The 100 Companies


For nearly three centuries, editors and advertisers controlled the media, relegating communications professionals, media relations advocates and ordinary citizens to suggesting or demanding coverage for their clients and causes. In the past decade – with publishers downsizing, advertising budgets declining, the media marketplace fractionalizing and attention spans shrinking – the ability to connect communicators with their target audiences became more challenging than ever.

Veteran award-winning journalist, advertising designer and PR firm founder Chris Schroder realized there was an innovative solution to this challenge. In 2013, Schroder and his team launched an innovative digital publishing platform harnessing the power of a concise eNewsletter, a Google-News-certified website and allied social media channels called The Atlanta 100, featuring 100-word articles, 100-second videos and podcasts on topics of intrigue. It was an instant hit, winning journalism and marketing industry awards, the attention of international communicators and the hearts of appreciative readers.

Schroder presented The Atlanta 100’s success to the Public Relations Society of America’s Counselors Academy in 2015 and alongside PRSA’s International Conference in 2016. The response from attendees was instantaneous and dramatic, leading directly to the launch of 100s in markets worldwide. The 100 Companies initially focused on launching geographic media channels for PR firms and their clients, but expanded in 2019 to serve vertical industries and governmental entities. In 2020, The 100 Companies expanded to corporate internal communications as well as journalism/sponsorship models.


The 100 Companies is a digital publishing network created by journalists and advertising professionals to enhance organizations’ engagement with their targeted audiences. Each month, we deliver more than two million eNewsletters featuring 100-word stories, photos, videos and podcasts and manage archival websites with expanded content. The 100 team handles all background tasks – editing, designing, producing and distributing to a customized database that we develop – so our members can focus on thought leadership and on nurturing relationships with clients and prospects.

Today, The 100 Companies manages a network of digital channels in 28 markets from Denali to Dubai, including:

• geographic markets, managed exclusively by local PR firms, featuring news, events and client thought leadership

• vertical industries, including travel, engineering, association, franchise and financial advisors and agencies

• governments, including economic development and municipal services departments

• organizations, including customer and internal employee outreach

• traditional journalism, including corporate sponsorships


The 100 Companies looks forward to partnering with dynamic organizations that care to communicate clearly and quickly with their targeted audiences and that can contribute their own content and creativity. Together, we can solve complex communications challenges with our simple proven solution – all with the magic of exactly 100 words.