The 100 News: February 2017

Please Help Map Our Growth!

Stars are beginning to shine on The 100 Companies growth across the PR publishing map. As five PR firms have already launched — and more have committed to launch — their own eNewsletter, website and social media platform, our team is seeking member nominations in the USA’s largest markets. Do you know PR firms we should approach to join our membership association in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego? If so, let us know. Our newest member in Dubai, Tara Rogers-Ellis of Mojo PR, nominated international firms we will approach in coming weeks.

Tips From The 100 Team

Editorial: Publishing Stories in Other Markets

One of the many benefits of being a member of a network is the ability to have your stories featured in other markets, which now include
Atlanta, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Arkansas, Tallahassee and soon Tampa, Dubai and Colorado.

Three spots are reserved in each eNewsletter for other markets’ stories. If you have a request for a story to be published in a market, email Editorial Director Jan Schroder.

Tech & IT: Being Active on Social Media

Our members know The 100 Companies presents a unique opportunity online for themselves and their clients. We have a competitive advantage in social media few can claim: we have each other. As competition to appear in Facebook feeds grows more intense, it’s increasingly important to contribute to the inertia of the stories we all post by liking 100 members pages and their posts in our own feeds.

This engagement improves the likelihood of more users seeing 100 stories in their feeds since Facebook weighs a story’s engagement as a determining factor in displaying that story further. More simply put: engagement drives exposure.

Sales: Client Successes

The launch of The Colorado 100 is still more than a month away, but SLJ 100 LLC has already sold two clients annual agreements to be in their bi-weekly eNewsletter that starts on Wednesday, October 26. One of the content packages sold was to an attorney and the other to a real estate agent. Each client campaign was for $12,000 and includes a combination of stories and videos.

“My client loved being part of something cutting edge like The Colorado 100,” said Lisa Cutter, one of the partners of SLJ 100. “They are a boutique law firm and do a lot of different kinds of legal work. This will give them a forum to be a thought leader on many different issues people are challenged to understand.”

Jane Dvorak, another partner at SLJ 100, said she positioned the real estate category to be exclusive to only one client and that once it was sold, no other similar company could be featured in The Colorado 100. “My client liked the e-Newsletter because it was Denver and Colorado-centric, but more than anything she was competitive,” said Jane Dvorak. “She didn’t want anyone else getting the exclusivity in the real estate category.”

The investment of the two packages is $24,000 and they expect to have several more sold before the launch. Congrats to getting off to a fast start!

Featured Story of the Month

Last month, The Arkansas 100 published a story on North Little Rock Police Department Officer Tommy Norman (pictured below), who became a social media sensation by sharing his community policing efforts. Read the full story here.

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