Readership, open rates soar in pandemic era

One of the positive benefits of an otherwise tragic pandemic environment is that nearly all readership and open rates for The 100 Companies members’ eNewsletters are setting new records these past few weeks. This is mostly attributable to excellent stories and content that is focused on the needs and concerns of our readers. Contributing factors include that readers are sheltered at home and spending more time reading our emails as well as the fact our team has spent several years improving the reputation of our IP addresses, which compounds algorithm success. Please find a few of our market highlights and headlines below.

The Alaska 100:
– Record high 4,721 reader opens for a 24% open rate
– Special April COVID-19 issue resources, with a state-specific focus

The Arizona 100:
– Increased their frequency this month: April 1April 9April 21 plus one this week
– 4,000+ readers for April 1, highest in a year with consistent double-digit open rates

The Association 100:
– 3,665 readers and 16% open rate (highest since August)
– Nice resources for members, with excellent video content

The Atlanta 100:
– April 2 issue had 7,000+ opens, every issue this year has 6,000+ opens
– Tara Murphy’s columns dealing with her health issuesconcerns about being a small business owner and ATL’s early reopening

The Dubai 100:
– more than 2,000 opens the past two issues with 18% open rates
– Nice column about purpose-driven marketing and treading carefully during the pandemic

The East Bay 100:
– Highest open rate (13%) and readership (3,400+) since their launch
– Despite earliest U.S. lockdown, nice work, including video with police chief

The Engineering 100:
– Highest open rate (10%) and openers (5,754) since launch
– Great content on important roles engineers play in nearly every industry dealing with pandemic, including a special COVID-19 issue (special banner below)
– Published The Best of The Engineering 100 special issue to engage dormant readers

The New Orleans 100:
– 4,000+ opens
– Special COVID-19 issue in March (see banner attached) … following issue had great Betsie lead: “Eleven years ago, after Hurricane Katrina, cancer and a recession, I founded Gambel Communications. What was I thinking?

The OJT 100: 
– highest number of openers (4,564) since the launch of the expanding to Orlando, Jacksonville (and Tallahassee)
– Great info on state government, pushed deadlines to announce the “Re-Open Florida Task Force,” covered voting by mail and fraud warnings from the AG.

The Oklahoma 100:
– The last three issues have exceeded 10,000 reader opens eachMarch 19April 2April 16,
– Great statewide COVID-19 content, plus a special offer to businesses in a note under banner: “buy one, get one” story placement deal

The Pittsburgh 100:
– Each issue is exceeding 6,000 reader opens
– A couple of great podcasts dealing with different aspects of the pandemic in Pittsburgh

The SWFL 100:
– Each issue has 10% open rates with each garnering 4,000+ reader opens
– Weekly stories from client Hodges U about rescheduling commencementpaying application fees and online learning

The Travel 100:
– 56,657 openers for 14% open rate – steady rates for a challenged industry
– Great articles on virtual tours and the best shows set in foreign countries
– Google searches for “Southern Hotels” has July 2019 story on page 1 of search results, some days as the #1 link!

And, finally, highlights from some of the corporate markets:
The Houston 100 nearly tripled its previous number of readers with nearly 13,000 opens
The Ohio 100’s past two issues have more than doubled (11,000+) previous record opens
The Wisconsin 100 had highest openers ever: 6,169
The Washington D.C. 100 had second-highest openers ever: 7,528
The Colorado 100 doubled its previous record with 8,000+ opens
The Boston 100 doubled its previous record with 6,400+ opens

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