The Mathews Group Launches The Engineering 100

The 100 Companies expands into third industry vertical

Sept. 12, 2019 – Today, approximately 40,000 engineering professionals across the country received the inaugural issue of The Engineering 100 in their email inboxes. The Mathews Group, based in Arlington, Virginia, launched the new digital venture in partnership with publishing network The 100 Companies.

Readers of the monthly eNewsletter can expect 100-word stories and videos on the people and organizations that power innovation in the engineering world. The inaugural issue covers topics including how companies are teaching kids to “think like an engineer,” why digital diversity in the science world is important and how NASA took another “giant leap” toward returning humans to the moon this summer.

“Today, there’s no doubt engineering is the driving force in business,” said Melissa Mathews, president and founder of The Mathews Group. “My business partner, Tia, and I have been working with STEM professionals for more than 15 years, so we are excited to partner with The 100 Companies on this outlet sharing news by, for and about engineers. We think they will enjoy these quick 100-word reads and timely thought leadership delivered right to their inboxes every month.” 

The Engineering 100 launch marks The 100 Companies’ third industry vertical market, following the success of The Travel 100 and The Association 100.

“We’re fired up to have The Mathews Group join our membership organization of communications professionals carving out their own media niche as the traditional media marketplace evolves,” said Chris Schroder, CEO and Founder of The 100 Companies. “Engineering is an extremely significant industry that will find lots of intriguing stories in this newest digital media channel.”

In addition to the monthly eNewsletter, The 100 Companies has also launched a new website,, as well as a social media platform for The Engineering 100 on Twitter.

About The 100 Companies

The 100 Companies is the world’s first international PR network sharing content marketing articles in an international publishing platform and is currently launched in 24 markets. The platform features 100-word stories and videos in eNewsletters, websites and social media platforms. Members of The 100 Companies and their clients and sponsors are featured as columnists and thought leaders in their respective markets and can distribute their content throughout our international network.

The 100 Companies was named as a finalist in Georgia’s MAX Awards (Marketing Award for Excellence) in 2017. The Atlanta-based firm traces its roots to the October 2013 launch of The Atlanta 100, a weekly eNewsletter and website with social media platforms created by an Atlanta public relations firm. The Atlanta 100 was named as a finalist in the Atlanta Press Club’s 2013 Awards of Excellence, as judged by the National Press Club, alongside CNN and The Weather Channel. Based on the success in the Atlanta market, The 100 Companies was spun off as a separate company and expanded in January 2016 to additional markets, now stretching from Denali to Dubai. Learn more at

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