The Tallahassee 100 relaunches as The OJT 100

The Tallahassee 100 expands footprint with The OJT 100 launch


Today, three Tallahassee-based policy and public relations firms – On 3 Public Relations, Bascom Communications & Consulting and David Johnson Group – joined together to launch The OJT 100, a reimagined and expanded version of The Tallahassee 100. The new bimonthly newsletter will keep readers up to date on the latest news and events in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

“The OJT 100 represents the first expansion of one of our original markets so we are excited to assist a longtime 100 member develop partnerships with two other firms to serve a larger part of Florida,” said The 100 Companies President and founder Chris Schroder. “As our members innovate, the lessons learned strengthen our entire network.”

Today’s inaugural issue of The OJT 100 was sent to over 75,000 business leaders and residents living in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. The new digital venture will cover a wide variety of topics, from politics and policy, state government and business news, to arts and entertainment, sports, restaurants and history.

“We are thrilled to continue our relationship with The 100 Companies, building upon our original and well-received Tallahassee 100 launched in 2016,” said Christina Johnson, president of On 3 Public Relations and original co-publisher of The Tallahassee 100. “To now expand into the Orlando and Jacksonville markets with The OJT 100, and partnering with the talented and creative firms of Bascom Communications & Consulting and David Johnson Group, will allow for an even more extensive reach across the state.”

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