Street murals become new banner art for The Atlanta 100

When Tara Murphy and Laura Cubbage returned from summer vacation, they decided to shake things up with the banners that grace the top of The Atlanta 100 issues. The principals of 360 Media and publishers of the Atlanta newsletter, which distribute to 60,000 readers, decided to turn their banner into art and, at the same time, promote the many muralists already making the streets of Atlanta more interesting to explore.

“As we’ve begun to explore our incredible city and all its neighborhoods again, one thing stood out — the amazing murals,” Tara wrote in her July column introducing the series. “Some here before COVID-19, some added during. They’re everywhere — on buildings, in parks, on bridges, some of our city streets and you may have noticed even our new header. We’re so smitten with the public street art popping up all over Atlanta that we’re featuring one each issue.”

Since then, readers open up each issue not only to read the latest thought leadership of Tara’s team and to find out the latest upcoming events to attend, they also look to see which new mural is featured and if they’ve seen it themselves.

The 360 team didn’t stop there, writing: “Check out to learn more about thousands of Atlanta’s best murals! You can also sign up for seven self-guided walking tours to check them out for yourself in person.”

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